Tissot Men’s PRC 200 Watch Review

By on September 12, 2011

It’s that time again when we here at TheWatchScene introduce a new authentic watch to our reviewing repertoire. Today we bring you the Tissot Men’s PRC 200 Watch, our first ever Tissot watch review. We’re not sure how this one is going to go, but we’re excited to get our watch-loving teeth into this one. Let’s hope it’s as good as Rolex Yachtmaster review.

The best part about reviewing new luxury watches is that it gives us an opportunity to delve into the history of the brand, just to give you some background information on the company we are dealing with. Knowledge is power as they say, and as a watch-buyer you’re going to need all the power you can get!

Tissot is a Swiss watch company – who would have guessed it? But seriously, we all know that Switzerland is where all the best luxury watches are made, so let’s hope Tissot watches can compete with their famed fellow Swiss watch companies.

Believe it or not, Tissot was the first brand to mass-produce pocket watches and they also developed the first ever pocket watch with two time zones way back in 1853. It’s clear they have a penchant for innovation, so it’s no surprise that Tissot watches were chosen by some of the most iconic names of the twentieth century; Elvis Presley, James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Nelson Mandela and more.

In more recent times Tissot has continued to innovate, especially when it comes to branding and marketing. They often sponsor big name sports stars and events, from Danica Patrick to hockey and MotoGP. But what about the watches themselves? Are they all hype with no sophistication?

Judging by the Tissot Men’s PRC 200 Watch, we think not. This is a wonderful looking luxury timepiece. Its chrome-like stainless steel contrasts perfectly with the black dial. The bright yellow second hands add the finishing touch, making this a truly unique looking watch. This is up there with the stylistic pedigree of Audemars Piguet and Breitling, if we do say so ourselves.

The sporting connection is evident from the outset too – the dial on this watch looks like the speedometer on a race car. That may sound like a cheap gimmick if it came from any other watchmaker, but it really works on this piece. Just take a look at the featured luxury watch gallery pictures and see for yourself.

After such a gushing review, you may be surprised to hear the price of this mens timepiece. Brace yourselves… it tops out at $400, brand new (actually available on Amazon at the time of this review for just $284). What a bargain is all we can say. An excellent choice for when you want to make a change step away from the more established household names like Rolex and Cartier. Very much recommended.


Model: T17152652

Rating 4.5/5

Tissot Model: T17152652Tissot Model: T17152652 side pictureTissot Model: T17152652 back picture

robert adler
robert adler

I purchased this watch and love it looks better then my rolex